Everything about this website is make believe, except for what we sell in our store. This is a parody of the American Pharmaceutical industry. Nothing about this site should be taken for factual information.

At Pharmapseudocal.com, we make a lot of bold claims. Especially when we're talking about COVID-19, we want to be sure we make a few things clear

How OaFhuckIt effectively keeps people safe from Coronavirus, or COVID-19:

Step 1: OaFhuckIt
Acquire an authentic OaFhuckIt product or a pair. This therapy is effective without any OaFhuckIt around, however it is much easier and reaffirming with. OaFhuckIt is a mindset.
Available Without A Prescription
Step 2: I Am
This is the strongest way to make a declarative statement. It focuses the attention on yourself while teeing up some verbiage about your own, personal reality.

This part is routine once you get the hang of it, and is a fundamental step in avoiding Coronavirus therapy. Do not continue until you understand this step.
Step 3: Staying
"Staying," can be unclear word. If one says they are staying in a cottage in Fiji next month, we typically assume they'll be back after a week or so. Conversely, when someone says they're staying away from a volcano that's just erupted, we assume they mean they're not going anywhere near there until it is safe.

In this instance, we are talking about the staying away from a volcano variety of staying.
Step 4: Home
This is the place where you live. Your domicile. The place where you do most of your sleeping and eating. The place where you see the same people each and every day. You'll recognize it from all of your stuff.
Steps 1-4 repeat
OaFhuckIt, I am. Staying. Home.

Until this pandemic stops being a merciless, cruel reality for us that is absolutely the best way to stay safe. And when you are staying home, don't let anyone who doesn't live with you come in.

Stay Home!
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A Word To Our Samoan Brothers and Sisters

As much as Rivalless Pharmapseudocal would love to serve the world our amazing drugs that we make up, so far our products are 100% untested in the Independent State of Samoa. For some strange, unexplained, peculiar reason we have so far received zero reports from the country. We apologize that this requires a constant disclaimer. We’re not trying to single anyone out for exclusion, in fact we hope that the disclaimers will serve as a prompt for individuals to learn more about your great country.  


We welcome any Samoans to buck the trend and report in!

E pei lava ona fiafia le Rivalless Pharmapsudocal e tautua le lalolagi i le tatou vailaʻau mataina o loʻo tatou fausiaina, e oʻo mai nei, e 100% le faʻataʻitaʻia o a matou oloa i le Malo Tutoʻatasi o Samoa Mo ni mafuaaga uiga ese, le mafaamatalaina, uiga ese ua tatou mauaina nei e leai ni lipoti mai le atunuu. Matou te faʻamalie atu ona o lenei mea e manaʻomia ai pea le teena. Matou te le o taumafai e tuʻua se tasi i fafo mo le tuʻufaʻatasia, o le mea moni matou te faʻamoemoe o le teʻenaina o le a avea o se vave mo tagata taʻitasi e aʻoaʻo atili e uiga i lou sili atunuʻu.


Matou te talia soʻo se tagata Samoa e faʻamalosia le tulaga ma lipoti i totonu!