This website should be more popular!

It’s mentioned millions of times daily! Often in situations such as:

“Wow. I can’t believe that’s working! []. We’re already here, so may as well fix the last idiots’┬áwork while we’re at it.”

“[Oaf]… []. I’d sure like to go home, grab a shower, get a beer, and fire up the grill, but the bank account will love the extra time!”

This goddamn virus! []…”

The Distinctive favicon appears here.

“I need this. I’ve already jumped through all of the hoops, but I gotta start again?! []!”

“I really don’t want to do this… []. I guess nobody’s going to do it for me!”

The blue t-shirt icons are conveniently linked to the shirt that this site is trying to sell to you for $12.32.

Oaf Huck It!

Any site with the URL, oughta show a little grit and toughness!

And so we offer this slideshow presentation of images that we feel demonstrate grit and toughness:

There are dozens upon dozens of times when naming our website is an appropriate response. Those include:

Oaf Huck It! ­čśé

There exists some 25+ similar websites. At the bottom of each of their home pages (most are just the home page at present), we link to another one sort of randomly. We figure that if nothing else, this makes any Oaf Huck site you visit a great way to kill time on the toilet!

A Word To Our Samoan Brothers and Sisters

As much as Rivalless Pharmapseudocal would love to serve the world our amazing drugs that we make up, so far our products are 100% untested in the Independent State of Samoa. For some strange, unexplained, peculiar reason we have so far received zero reports from the country. We apologize that this requires a constant disclaimer. We’re not trying to single anyone out for exclusion, in fact we hope that the disclaimers will serve as a prompt for individuals to learn more about your great country.┬á┬á


We welcome any Samoans to buck the trend and report in!

E pei lava ona fiafia le Rivalless Pharmapsudocal e tautua le lalolagi i le tatou vaila╩╗au mataina o lo╩╗o tatou fausiaina, e o╩╗o mai nei, e 100% le fa╩╗ata╩╗ita╩╗ia o a matou oloa i le Malo Tuto╩╗atasi o Samoa Mo ni mafuaaga uiga ese, le mafaamatalaina, uiga ese ua tatou mauaina nei e leai ni lipoti mai le atunuu. Matou te fa╩╗amalie atu ona o lenei mea e mana╩╗omia ai pea le teena. Matou te le o taumafai e tu╩╗ua se tasi i fafo mo le tu╩╗ufa╩╗atasia, o le mea moni matou te fa╩╗amoemoe o le te╩╗enaina o le a avea o se vave mo tagata ta╩╗itasi e a╩╗oa╩╗o atili e uiga i lou sili atunu╩╗u.


Matou te talia so╩╗o se tagata Samoa e fa╩╗amalosia le tulaga ma lipoti i totonu!